Osnovne performanse

Stainless steel precut shims

Designed to speed up machine corrections

• Bur-free for higher accuracy in machinery alignment
• Four machine foot sizes, eight thicknesses
• Corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel
• Time-saving permanent thickness / dimension marking
• No ‘leaf spring’ effect from stacked shims: only 3 shims are enough!
• Perfectly flat for stable, consistent machine support
• Perforated tab for easier positioning and removal

Each PERMABLOC case is extremely rugged and contains a complete assortment of shims.
It is so handy, with the right shim size and thickness always at your fingertips!
PERMABLOC precut shims are up to four times more cost-effective than hand-cut shims!
Time studies show that up to 15 minutes are required to fabricate a single shim from sheet stock.
Precut shims not only reduce labor costs during installation and repair, but also facilitate inventory control and avoid the risk of injury when cutting and inserting sharp-edged shims.

  •  and easily peeled down to required thickness down to 0.05 mm

Laminated shims that peel down to the required thickness

The time and money-saving, safe and practical alternative to hand-cut shims

  • Different sizes fit all machine feet
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion
  • Perfectly flat rolled to avoid vibration and ‘soft foot’ when stacked together – even several millimeters at a time!
  • 1 mm thick10 pieces in handy packaging


LAMIBLOC shims are laminated shims for machine alignment. Each 1 mm shim is composed of 20 layers each 0.05 mm thick.

LAMIBLOC are ideal when alignment work requirements are insufficient to warrant stocking the complete assortment
of single-thickness shims. Just a handful of shims are all you need on the job site for perfect vertical alignment
adjustment in a small fraction of the usual time.

Extra light shims for machine alignment

MYLAR shims are extra light, easy to work with and ideal for travelers in global applications

• Low-priced and much lighter than metal shims
• Exactly 1 mm thick and easily peeled down in 0.1 mm layers to the required thickness
• Do not deform and can be used repeatedly
• Corrosive-resistant
• Available in five sizes
• Hand-peeled reducing danger of cuts during peeling
• Easy to work with resulting in quick correction of soft foot and slanting foundations

MYLAR shims have a definite advantage over traditional shims by being extremely light.
The sheet has a total thickness of 1 mm and can easily be peeled off in 0.1 mm layers to the required thickness.
This eliminates problems arising from adjustment of shim thickness.
With increasing globalisation, service and maintenance crews find themselves operating worldwide.
As weight continues to play an important role in air travel, MYLAR shims have proved to be ideal for use in global applications